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The following are some FAQs posed by customers, and some points we took the liberty of including, in order to provide information to ensure you have as much information as possible to make an informed purchase decision.

When is an out of stock item going to be in stock?

Please check announcement banner on website home page, if the information is not there please follow us on Facebook as we will post as soon as new products become available; .  We will also send an email blast, so please ensure you are registered on our site, however some email spam filters block email blasts from commercial websites, so please do add t safe senders list and follow us on Facebook.

Courier does not show movement on my order:

If your package does not show being received by courier 2 days after we have advised you it's shipped, please email with your order details and a customer service representative will contact you.

Courier is showing delivered, but I have not received the package;

Please firstly check around the outside of the house in case it was left somewhere, please ask family or neighbors in case anyone has taken it in. Please do check your mailbox, a single pack is not a large package and it will fit neatly into a mailbox. If all of that fails and you still don’t have package, please contact your local courier office to report the theft, and email and we will open a theft from mail fraud claim and we will send you a replacement item. The courier may contact you for details for their investigation.

Do you have products in stock and how long do you take to process orders?

If it is showing in stock on the site and allows you to check out, then we have it. We are typically taking about a day to process orders, quite often its same day, occasionally its just over a day if there has been a big influx on that day. Please note for security purposes we no longer give the warehouse location, and rather the label indicates our returns QC check address, where no products are stored. we ship from Virginia.

I want to return, or I have a QC issue

Please email with your order details and the unworn items you wish to return within 30 days of delivery. A customer service representative will then process your return and send you refund or exchange details.

I love your product and want to say thanks!

Thank you!!! It will make our day – tights are a passion for us. Please click on the review link on the home page.

What if I have an urgent question?

Please email, with changing ways of working we can no longer provide telephone support, however emails are attended to daily and you will get a quick response.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, our products are shipped worldwide using global and national courier services. We work hard to buy the best discounted courier rates, and all savings are passed on the you. 

What can I do to prolong the life of my Ms Shape product?

Take care when putting the product on or taking off to avoid catching the fabric with your nails or jewelry. Avoid walking about without footwear as some flooring may damage or catch the fabric, and follow the wash instructions carefully. Regular gentle wash and dry benefits the fibers. 

Do you accept all major cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards from around the world, including Diners Club and American Express. We also take PayPal, so your checkout experience can be simple and familiar, with the comfort of the backing provided by PayPal to all their members. 

What do I do if once I have placed my order I want to change it?

If the order has already left our warehouse, you can order anything new you previously did not order, and return any unwanted items when your order arrives, we take back any unworn goods within 30 days of order date. If the order has not been fulfilled, we can edit it, but as we usually process orders within 24 hours, you may need to act fast by email to

Can I track and trace my parcel?

Yes, please use the tracking number provided against your order. We work with the main couriers, and in majority of cases they are able to provide full online tracking, and generally if you copy and paste the tracking number into google search, it will automatically detect the courier and provide tracking information.

What do I do if the order is wrong, damaged or incomplete when I receive it?

Please contact us at and we will put this right to your satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our customer service and we will do all we can to resolve all issues.

What do I do if I order multiple items and want to keep some but not all?

That's fine, simply keep what you want and return the other items, we will refund you accordingly.

Shall I order a smaller size so that I get better effect?

Please order your correct size, based on your height, dress size and body shape. Our tights have been carefully sized and made to accommodate the shape and size as per the measurements. If you are between two sizes, then go down a size if you want a more snug fit, or go up a size if you want a more comfortable fit. In some items such as the opaques, or leggings, some people do go down a size to get a more supported sleek look, but please consider this carefully and ensure that you will still have a comfortable fit.