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Here we stand, as a woman-founded, woman-led brand

Plus size has always had a negative connotation, be it because of health reason or because fashion, and the global media, dictate the way we should be aspiring to look. I know, health is important and it's vital we all take care of our bodies to ensure we are fit and strong, however it doesn't necessarily mean we all have to be a size zero; it's okay to have curves, nature intended for us to come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

We believe in yes

So here at MS. SHAPE we celebrate curvaceous figures, we believe in being real, and showing it as it is (!), and we fly the flag: PLUS IS MORE THAN EQUAL.

Our products are aimed exclusively for the plus size woman, which isn't about excluding our slimmer sisters, it's about ensuring products in plus size are made to fit; our design teams, manufacturing and whole ethos is around the focus to develop garments specifically made for us, and not merely a standard size with an extra panel sewn in!

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Everything we bring you will be designed from scratch for the sizes we sell, and we pledge our ongoing commitment to bring new and exciting styles in products which will reflect the amazing goddess you are, and make you feel, oh so comfortable!

Fashion, fit, comfort and versatility.

We start with a range of tights and body shorts, which are so innovative, finally tights befitting a plus size! You know the ugly panels which come on most plus size tights (like its a diaper or something !!), well our technical geniuses at the factory got rid of them, and the state of the art machinery now actually knits a wider leg and body.

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BUT, our vision doesn't stop just at ensuring sizes that fit properly, look attractive or are comfortable, no, we are passionate about our planet too, and have pledged to ensure every aspect of our business is ethical and eco friendly.

Our factory has a whole host of certifications and badges, and we carry the standard right from raw materials, to manufacture, to logistics. And our offices in Westlake Village? - almost 99% paper free.

Drop us a line to share your thoughts of what Plus Size means to you, we'd love to hear from you

Anja Kahn & The MS. SHAPE Team