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Virus Protection Antimicrobial 5 pack Washable


M2 Protective Antimicrobial Face Masks - 5 Pack Washable - Adult One Size White
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 Antimicrobial fibre; Q Skin silver infused 6.6 polyamide
 Antimicrobial Treatment; broad spectrum Ultra-Fresh KW48 
• Water repellent; protects against droplets in air
 Washable; properties effective for repeated washing 
 One size; suitable for most adults & teenagers
• Cost effective; low cost per use with being washable
• Manufactured in Sanitized Factory
• In-Stock & Shipping from within US
• Unisex

A high quality double layer tubular knitted protective face mask.

Our masks are intended as an additional tool in the precautions taken to minimize exposure, and should be used as part of social distancing and personal hygiene protocols; A  double layered mask knitted from an antimicrobial fiber which has then undergone further antimicrobial treatment, as well as a water repellent agent, which aids in the protection against droplets in the air when someone nearby has sneezed or coughed.
Protective properties are maintained with repeated washing (enhanced treatments effective for 20 - 25 washes, however silver ion infused fibre is protective for its lifetime), rendering the masks cost effective for regular use. 
Ms Shape products are manufactured by our parent British heritage brand ELLE in our family owned, sanitized, factories in England and Italy. You can be assured of a 100 year tradition of exceptional quality of materials and manufacture, latest innovative technology and a globally renowned customer service...... read more on ELLE
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These masks are priced as not-for-profit;  we've gone big on the production with this our core line to save you money, passing on economy of scale and any savings we can make in the picking and packing process with volume sales offers as shown above. Divide the cost by 5 masks and average 25 washes and you have one of the lowest cost per use anywhere on the US market.
We work with Employers wishing to instill confidence in their customers, and protect their employees as the country eases out of lockdown.  We hope the volume discounts will assist with your budgeting for employee PPE; 
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