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Fit Experts

We’ve been fitting women for over 100 years

And a century later we’re still #1.

Model photo in jeans and white tee

The fit you love & trust

We put fit above everything else when it comes to clothes that keep you looking and feeling your best.

It’s why we conduct extensive fit research and have Fit Experts in every store. It’s why we use best-in-class fabrics and built-in technologies that give you the support and comfort you need. And it’s why we believe every woman deserves that hugs-your-curves-in-all-the-right-places feeling you only get from clothes that feel as if they were made just for you. It’s why you can rely on us for fit you can trust…always.

Fit Experts - Style & Comfort You Love - Fit You Can Always Trust - Since 1904

No two bodies are alike, so it’s our job to make sure every client finds perfect-fitting fashion, regardless of shape and size. Starting with cutting-edge forms and fabrics, we test and retest every piece to ensure that our clothes keep our clients confident and inspired every day.

Rosalind Crump Vice President of Technical Design
Model photo in jeans and white tee

35 million jeans sold

Model photo in a bra

150 million bras sold

Style with solutions

As women designing for women, we believe that the shortcut to chic sometimes calls for a little extra help: shaping, smoothing and slimming secrets to name a few. So, with your feedback and requests in mind, we give you solutions for whatever you need, without sacrificing an ounce of style.

We’ve expanded our fit offerings to make sure you find something you love every time you shop. That means more sizes, more petites & more length options –– more size inclusivity than ever before.

2000+ women have your back

Many brands use quizzes and data to back their fit. We use a panel of women (aka wear-testers) who literally “live” in our product for hours or days at a time. Their feedback helps us refine our fits, fabrics and design details to make sure it’s perfect so you get style and comfort in every piece.

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Find your life-changing fits and the styles that work best for you and your life. In stores. Every day. Always free…always fun.

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