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  • Face masks play an essential role in aiding our recovery

    Face masks play an essential role in aiding our recovery

    Commentary: Face masks play an essential role in aiding our recovery

    Local governments, small businesses and families across the United States have been asking the same question for months: “How do we stay healthy without collapsing our economy?”

    The answer? Face masks.

    A recent study from researchers in California and Texas compared coronavirus infection rate trends in Italy and New York before and after face masks were made mandatory. They found that mandatory mask orders prevented more than 78,000 infections in Italy and 66,000 in New York City.

    Throughout the coronavirus crisis, there has been constant conflicting information regarding treatments like hydroxychloroquine, the duration of stay-at-home orders and the accuracy of COVID-19 tests. However, when it comes to face masks, the science is clear — they are one of the most effective tools to limit the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19.

    Face masks — in addition to practicing good hygiene and maintaining critical elements of physical distancing — give the vast majority of us the freedom to safely return to our lives. They allow small business owners to keep their lights on and employees on their payroll. In Missouri, two hairstylists tested positive for the coronavirus after serving 140 clients while unknowingly contagious. Not a single customer contracted the virus. How? They wore face masks.

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